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Regina Maria mobile app

Create a mobile app that allows the user to have complete access to their medical file, appointments, payment history, chatbot and many other facilities.

  • Clients
    Regina Maria
  • Completion
  • Project Category
  • Designers
    Vlad Chiratcu, Victor Niculici

Design a simple mobile application with complex forms and data
Create a seamless cross-platform experience for the user
Improve customer experience by digitalizing the identity validation process, adding a self-checking flow for doctor appointments at the clinic, and helping the user get medical advice from a healthcare professional through a chat.

Our UX process

Understand the customer journey and what the customer needs from a healthcare provider mobile app


Based on the requirements from the client and the user needs we worked on prototype iterations, which we validated with the client and the users


We analyzed how the users interact with the app, and gathered feedback in order to improve the user interface and provide a better user experience

Colors & Typography
Color and Typography
COVID-19 self-assessment questionnaire
User prezinta simptome
Formular completat partial
Programarile Viitoare
Complex identity verification
Live Selfie
Mesaj validare succes
Scaneaza CI
Ask a doctor
Check-in activ
Intreaba un medic
Intrebare - RM Raspuns
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